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Dissatisfied with the performance of software development?

Rarely is there a single cause or a silver bullet solution.

Formulating and executing an effective turnaround takes effort, diligence and experience.

We assess each client's issues and build a play book for improvement.

We transition organizations to agile development methods that provide sustainable benefits.

We create objective metrics for development teams.

We will establish our compensation based on actual efficiencies gained.


Client Value Services

Development process assessment

On-Fire evaluates a company’s software / hardware development effectiveness by applying the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (SEI-CMM-CMMI) framework. This assessment framework has been used by thousands of companies and has yielded an extensive body of best practices and benchmark results.

We also employ where appropriate 6-Sigma, ISO-9000, TL-9000, ECMA, agile and hybrid assessment frameworks.

Our extensive experience in sequencing assessment findings for rapid, measurable results is a distinctive capability and distinguishes us from companies that perform assessments. 

Leveraging open source software code / license compliance

Proper use of open source software substantially accelerates product development. But improper use can jeopardize intellectual property rights depending on the license.

On-Fire uses authoritative, industry-recognized search and analysis tools to find the best fit candidates and evaluate the hygiene of a client's software.
We assess existing violations and recommend corrective actions. We evaluate build tools and code repositories for best practices and mechanisms that keep proprietary software safe from open source contamination.

Decisions support tools

On-Fire’s efforts with many corporate teams have yielded an extraordinary set of tools and methods. Descriptions of the tools and methods can be found in the resources section. Among these tools are: Capacity Management Template, Portfolio Valuation Template, Phase Containment Matrix, Project Dashboards, Test Coverage Template, Department Performance Dashboard, Technology Roadmaps, Competency Matrix, Quality Dashboards, Competitive Matrix, etc.

Due diligence for investors

On-Fire provides counsel to investors and executives on the state of a team, acquisition candidate, subcontractor, outsourcing initiative, partner or service problem. We analyze technical staff competencies, project feasibility, requirements stability, project state, risks in schedule or technology, quality systems etc. We deliver frank and unvarnished advice to help steer the business decisions. We untangle complex issues and prioritize the core issues.

Quantitative management reporting

On-Fire evaluates the availability and use of accurate and effective data in decision making. We examine all available data sources (e.g. project databases, configuration management systems, CRM, ERP, bug tracking systems etc.) for untapped and valuable management information. We mine the latent data and provide new insights that enable improved operations.

We compare operational metrics to best-in-class benchmarks. We establish improvement programs and trajectories that link to strategic objectives and deliver quick results.


On-Fire helps executives implement organizational change initiatives by coaching managers in new skills and roles. We build game books that assist teams in crossing the chasm between current and future practices.

Technical advisory boards

We join client advisory boards and help evaluate planned strategy and tactics. We implement diligence that helps clarify and establish the attributes of the competitive landscape.